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free website SEO Health Check

Search engine optimization is a very important factor in you web page, optimizing a website takes many things into account including images, content, coding and appearance to say a few, but also your site also has to conform to Googles standards otherwise it will just be ignored by Google search

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free seo health check
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6 Easy ways to improve your website with on page sEO

1,,, High quality content and Keywords

This is really important as Google really loves high quality factual content and it has to be meaningful and relevant, the more you update your website with fresh content Google will keep coming back to you. Keywords play an important role so if you can insert Keywords into your sub headings and content, this is seen by Google as good practice.

2,,, Has got to be Mobile Friendly

There is no excuse you have to be Mobile friendly these days as Google have become very strict on mobile display and the number of smart phones has surpassed the use of desktop computers so make sure your site looks good on all devices/

3,,, Social Media

Its got to done if you are serious about reaching out to new visitors, love it or hate it people today are all over Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and all the rest, post regularly on social media and link it to your website also remember to add social buttons on your site.

4,,, Links, inbound and outbound

Link building on your page is a great way of telling Google how popular your site is however its quality links you need that are relevant to your business or blog and internal links to other pages on your website makes good practice.

5,,, Good HTML

Make sure your Heading tags are set correctly having header text set to H1, sub headings H2 content H3 etc, Good description and keyword tags make a big difference to search results.m

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6,,, Optimised Images make a website so much quicker

Use good images and make sure they are optimized, if you can take your own images great make them personal and happy, if you have a restaurant you might consider using a professional photographer, good pics do make a brilliant website but always make sure they are correctly sized and optimised.

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